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May 2018

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Hot days call for teen nudeness on the warm sand

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We are happy to present you our latest discovery – a couple of hot fresh year students enjoying their summer vacation on a naked playa. Yay, those cuties felt so totally relaxed about us taking pictures of their naked bodies that it made us want to go on and on with that activity, just infinitely. With those lovely babes who consented to be our models we successfully created a photo session that is a true piece of art; the art of being young, attractive and natural in the surroundings of a naked playa. Most of the pictures we took with those lovely brunettes look as if they are totally unstaged, so totally casual and laid-back they look. The crew choice is the picture with one of our nymphs lying on her back, and the other one on her stomach, both pussies being viewed in detail. As for the rest of the pictures, they were themed to give you a feel of a naked plage day looks like. A lot of nudity exposing to the sun and the camera lens flare, a lot of skinny-dipping and lots and lots of genuine having a good time without doing anything particular. Enjoy the great quality pictures of sexy young ladies and share your opinion on this wonderful photography session!

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