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May 2018

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May 2018

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The pretty young naturist we met the other day on the playa looked exactly like one of those prim and proper high school babes who get your sexual imagination triggered by the lack of publicity that they give to their nudity while keep us craving to see their private parts. Deliciously curvy without being unhealthy large, the girl had a totally angelic face to provide a most contrasting sensation that made you rock-hard in half a time it takes to blink. Somehow, you couldn’t help thinking about teaching her the ways of the world and educate her on the naked beaching whenever you looked into those huge inquisitive eyes. But it turned out that being educated in that sphere was the last thing the young thing needed! Prompt and experienced in walking out naked on a naturist sand as well as skinny-dipping at a public one, the hot naturist felt all relaxed and confident during the shot. Full touchable boobs and a bum to die for - all of this comes exposed in a few old-school cool pics with the incredible naked babe to rock your world. And if this is not enough to take your breath away you can avail browsing a good number of scorching hot naked strand shots with goodie-good schoolgirl letting her hair down and totally losing it in the water. The sizzling hot mixture of innocence and vice all rolled in one pretty package - enjoy! To kink things up, there is a plethora of bizarre tattoos on the girl’s body that directs your attention to all the strategically right spots. Don’t you think she’s a total winner of the naked sand love parade?

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When we feel friskier than usual, we set our minds on finding a model that is more active than anybody on the naked strand. And just as the ball comes to a player, a sports-minded beauty came along as the answer to our prayers! The girl had it all: flexible toned body like that of a cat, the looks and the energy to stay active throughout several hours of an intensive photo shoot. It was a day of uncontrolled vigor and wild dancing under the sun of the naked playa. She was not like all those cushion pussies we’d met before. Our naturist model was in for anything: somersaults and flip-flips, spread-eagles and push-ups, you name it! Naturally, she wasn’t wearing a damn string of fabric on her lovely body as she was engaging into all of that. The entire shoot was oozing sexuality, although we weren’t doing anything plain erotic. But it is just the thing about nudism, the eroticism is in staying close to nature. And only when our cameraman was panting from strain we decided to call it a day. While our naked playa model felt like going on and on. The amount of vivacity in this young lady could only be matched by her attractiveness. You are very welcome to enjoy both in the pictures that we added to our collection!

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Who could have thought that the youngest star of our naked sand photography collection would turn out the most zealous one? Just check her out in our photo set made on a hot summer day on the naked playa we so love! A young and petite girl, barely legal and still in her prime, jumped at the opportunity to pose naked for our site, sending all of her love to our subscribers. She confessed that it was her long-time dream to become a professional model one day. Well, not necessarily a naked model, but expose for cameras was something that got her really inspired. And we were in our turn inspired by those teenie-tiny arms and hips and lovely babe naturist boobies! We spent long hours together, working up a real professional atmosphere. We followed the girl in her tracks, letting her engage in her regular naked plage pastime as if there were no camera flashing around her. Make no mistake, we made full advantage of the full potential of this wonderfully fresh and lovely model. And thus we managed to get the best of her natural beauty and juvenile charm. For seriously, what can be more intriguing and exciting than a young

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