First Time Nudist Stories

A hot day, the proximity of two nude and handsome males, feeling adventurous but still justified by the rules of naturist beach

Funny nude beach experience

Hello everyone, Hailey's here with a story that might not be that much, and yet it was perhaps the most audacious thing I've ever done in my life. I don't really think that naturism is something I couldn't leave without. Though I enjoy this unique sensation you get when you skinny-dip and the water trickles and as if brushes against your most intimate parts… I am not sure what a man must feel at that point, but what's in it for a girl surely feels awesome.
I started off as a confirmed topless enthusiast. Maybe perhaps my breasts are small and shapely, but I had never been embarrassed about revealing them on a public beach. If someone's got a problem about that (I know from experience that at the majority of “textile” beaches such behavior is frowned upon), I just don't let them make my rainy day. Somewhere at the age of 25 I quite accidentally stumbled across a secluded but well maintained nude beach in Greece while bicycling with my sister and her friend. I never gave it a second thought - joining the naturist crowd felt like the most natural thing to me, excuse my pun.
But the moment in my naturist bio I'd like to share happened years into my naturism practice. I was happily married by then and we were spending our summer holidays in France with friends, also a married couple. Joshua and Miriam had always been somewhat on the wild side, so it did not come as a huge surprise when they talked us into playing strip poker (at the hotel room) or crazy charades. After a while we quite understandably ended playing truth or dare on the beach. Neither I nor my husband Paul had much “dare” ideas, but as for our friends - this spring seemed to never run dry. Eventually I ended up failing to spill the truth - and Miriam dared me to take off my bikini bottom (it was a public beach but I was topless in the best of my traditions). I am not sure what her game was, for I could clearly see that her husband was attracted by the side of my exposed boobs by far, but there I was facing the provocation of getting totally naked in a public place, although a public beach. An experienced naturist though I was, I nevertheless was aware that my nudity on a beach with clothed people would turn heads and have blatant sexual context. Suddenly I felt as if in a dream gone wrong - like you try to run but your feet give way under you. Staying naked by the seaside was all too habitual, and yet for a moment or two I grew torpid with indecisiveness.
I could see it in the face of my husband that he was both amused and slightly concerned about what was to happen next; as for Joshua, he had a face of a cat confronted with a plateful of cream and still disbelieving the reality of what was happening. Seeing the look in his face I finally shaped up and having taken that artistic pause, reached and pulled down my bikini bottom, still sitting on my towel. Miriam was giggling, my husband mumbled something like “that's my girl” and “we're in for a run-in”, and Joshua's very ears suddenly turned crimson. That was cute - I never expected him to act this much like a schoolboy.
It surely felt weird. All of a sudden I became sort of belle of the ball with men gawking at me like I were the only female on earth, and women around scoffing and getting visibly nervous. As for our little company, Paul was clearly enjoying himself as he nonchalantly picked up the game right where we left it off. But it was hard to concentrate, and after a couple of “truths” we dumped the game. According to Miriam's “dare” instructions, I was to stay for an entire hour in my birth costume. This I soon came to enjoy to the fullest. Little by little I changed my position so that my buttocks and my hips looked their best. My thighs are somewhat curvy as to my taste, but I know it's what men love. I made a point of making the most of the situation, surveying my audience from behind my sunnies.
Against the expectations of my husband, nobody tried to approach and reason us - lucky for us there were no kids around, and thus no exulted hen mommas to pester me. Maybe the fact that we had to men in our company played its role, I don't know. But that hour ran all too smoothly, and when Miriam announced the end of it I was in no hurry to put my panties back on. I even walked to the water and skinny-dipped, enjoying the impression I made on the swimmers around me and the familiar sensation of cool water swirling freely around me.
As I said, this may not have been much of a daring thing for me, seeing my rich experience in nude beaching. But I'm sure for Miriam and Joshua that was an unexpected turn of the game, and when we walked back to the hotel all the four of us were horny. During the breakfasts I would catch some sparks of recognition in the eyes of our hotel neighbors from then on and it surely spiced up the rest of our stay!