First Time Nudist Stories

 The two of them still consider revisiting the place, or any other nude beach at any other resort - and it might well be that I will be joining to nudists youth!

Funny nude beach experience

The story I want to share was told to me by a good friend of mine who happened to be holidaying in one of the eastern European countries together with our mutual friend. The two of them, Mary and Silvia, were partying hard and meeting new people. They seldom took trouble of returning back to their hotel room for a sleep over, dancing their nights away.
So this one morning Mary took one too many shots and ended up with a guy she didn't plan on hooking up with at the threshold of his townhouse. Luckily, the girl came to her senses before it was too late to opt out of the uncalled-for romance, and mumbling some excuses hailed a cab, to the utter disappointment of a hapless Don Juan.
Mary then drove back to the hotel, but instead of taking a shower and going straight to bed she changed into a swimsuit, grabbed a towel and made it to the beach; and she kept on walking until she was on the territory of a nude beach/ I have no clue, and neither has Mary, whatever made her take that trip in the small hours of the morning. But I guess the history will never unveil that secret and we will have to do with what facts we have. My personal take on this is that she was looking for some privacy, thinking that a nude beach was far less populated than the one they had in the back yard of the hotel.
So there she was, totally pissed off and wasted, and, according to her own words, “feeling like I was still dancing my ass off in the club”. She rolled in her towel covering her head to toes, collapsed onto a long chair and pushed the play button of her walkman. For something like an hour she had been peacefully enjoying a goo heartfelt sing-along to Cher, when she finally started sobering up and coming to terms with reality, still convinced that she was all alone and under the protection of her towel. You must have guessed by now that she woke up into a company of thoroughly cheered nude beachers, some of them applauding to her singing, some of them chuckling. A couple of young women were making salmon barbecue not too far from the beach ended -and where Mary was camping.
One of them were totally naked (nudist youth), while the other was wearing her bottom. They visibly sympathized with Mary, evaluating the state she was in at a single glance. One of the women approached my friend and invited her to join them. Understandably, Mary was having a splitting headache; besides, she was too hungry to make it back to the hotel which she could hardly see at a distance, so she accepted the offer despite her best judgments.
Sure enough, seeing naked people in front of her improvised “breakfast table” felt awkward, to say the least, but she could not violate the rules of hospitality. Wanting to follow the dress code -or rather, the undress code -of the society she found herself in, my friend took off her bikini top. I've always envied her wonderfully large and nicely shaped tits, so I suppose that was not at all a tough decision for her.
Mary was amazed to discover that the girls worked for a prestigious company in the same city she came from. As she told me later, she was expecting all of the nudists youth to be a bunch of hippies with no stable sources of income. Instead, she met young business ladies obsessed with healthy lifestyles and being close to nature while still being, you know, cool. Mary was wondering if the two of them were a couple -but she never got any evidence of that.
When I asked Mary how she felt about going all nude in a public place (if a nude beach can be considered one, of course), she said that she was totally cool with that, as long as there were other nude folks around her (and well, as soon as she was full of the last night's liquor, I'd say!).
In the afternoon of that day, having slept it off nicely, Mary persuaded Silvia join her on that beach. The two of them went totally naked this time, and the bunch of photographs they brought from that trip is still the object of discussion for almost each of our meetings. The two of them still consider revisiting the place, or any other nude beach at any other resort - and it might well be that I will be joining to nudists youth!