First Time Nudist Stories

My nude beach experiences started a few years ago; strangely enough, it was my mom who talked me into accompanying her to one of them when we were in France

Funny nude beach experience

My nude beach experiences started a few years ago; strangely enough, it was my mom who talked me into accompanying her to one of them when we were in France. But the story I would like to share is about my other companion, a hot Italian girl by name Clarissa. But let me start from the beginning.
It all started with a Facebook notification saying that I had a new friend request from a girl I couldn’t remember. Skimming through her profile (the profile picture featured to hugging girls, so I had hard time figuring out who was the one that wanted to be friends with me), I soon discovered that she was “interested in women”. I snorted with surprise, but then I found myself thinking that my excitement could only partially be accounted for by surprise… I am not exactly AC/DC, as they say, but I certainly had this streak in me - for one, it has always been the beauty of a woman’s body that always excited me the most. I could stare at pictures of nude females, but male nudity just wouldn’t get me off, if you know what I mean.
Needless to say, that the adventurous part of me nagged to confirm that request, which I did. Clarissa turned out to be a very outgoing and friendly person; I never noticed a couple of hours whiling away in an animated chat. I was both excited and intrigued and definitely flattered - I would have never dared to approach another girl, but being liked by a nice person of a manifested homosexuality got me higher than I thought it could. Omitting the details I’ll just mention that we became virtual friends very easily, and we are friends till this very day. I discovered pretty fast that I was neither homosexual no bisexual, so it never worked between us on the more intimate level. But we spent some good time while I was trying to figure out whose side I was on, and we spent it by the seaside in Croatia. Italians are very big on holidaying in Croatia in general; Clarissa was obsessed with yachting in Cornati National Park. I let myself just go with the flow when Clarissa invited me to join her during the last week of August. We started off by skinny-dipping and sunbathing on the rented, but after a couple of days we found out that our camp was located within proximity of a legitimate nude beach. I was more than OK with taking my nudity out and walking it with my head held high, hand in hand with my new girlfriend.
Here I should mention that before that moment I didn’t have sex with Clarissa; she had been courting me, yes, but we’d never as much as kissed. But when we appeared on the nude beach together it was like a devil’s doing, I’m telling you! I guess to me nudism has always been associated with a desire to impress, to be a startler and the talk of the town; but with almost everybody else naked around me on a nude beach it was sort of hard to impress the community with my nudity. So I almost intuitively switched to the plan B, which was attracting attention with my alleged bisexuality.
I got all naughty and equivocal while helping Clarissa out of her shorts, I volunteered to take off her bikini bottom for her, I willingly and very enthusiastically rubbed the sunscreen into the soft skin on her back… and all the way down! My hands reached to her belly and then I touched her breasts after a moment of hesitation. My god, it was electric! And it definitely did what it was supposed to - everybody else on the beach was staring at us, both men and women!
I suppose this does not make me a dyke, but an exhibitionist - big time, you betcha!! I got off as hard as a girl can. This did not pass unnoticed to Clarissa, and she played up my tune. It was like being exposed on a huge scene under the open sky. I felt like a movie star, seriously. And I am pretty happy about what happened later that day (and that night!). Although it didn’t make me change sides, hell, it was a lifetime experience! And now it gives me grounds to smile mysteriously every time they talk about lesbians - and I feel like the world revolves around me, once again!