First Time Nudist Stories

 But since we were the best friends, we didn't have anything to hide from each other, so we all joined in front of the camera and started making these young nudist videos really hot and exciting.

Funny nude beach experience

Hello everybody! My name is Mia and I'm here to tell you about my exciting story of my first time nudist experience and about young nudist videos that I've made. My father is an oilman and to be honest we are living a fancy life. I have never seen anything bad in my life and I always get everything that I want from my father.
I love him very much, but this story is about my first experience of filming young nudist videos with me in the main focus of the camera lens.
It was a very hot summer last year. It looked like the ground itself will start melting and all people were hiding at their houses under air cons. I and all my friends were dreaming to get to a nice place where they could swim and cool down, because the sun was burning too much at that time. Kate, Irene and Elisa were two my best girlfriends and we always like to spend our free time together. So when they came to me with such an original request, I simply couldn't deny it! They have offered to me to go somewhere outdoors on my father's yacht and have some sea trip. I didn't hesitate even a minute and have agreed almost immediately. But I also needed to persuade my father to let me take the yacht. But it was simple. I told him that I will be a good girl and he believed me and gave me his permission.
We all were so happy! So we grabbed our bikinis, boarded on the yacht and moved away from the shore. It was a midday when we have reached far from the seashore and have shut down the yacht engine. We took some alcohol in order to increase the amount of fun. Those were some cocktails that we have ordered from the best night club in the city. We took off our clothes, put on bikinis, turned the music on loud and started dancing, drinking and swimming around. It was so much fun! But later on Elisa proposed another thing to us, which was much wilder! She said: “Common girls! Let's take our bikinis off and have some really wild fun naked!” To be honest I'm from a very cultural family and my parents have been inoculating a sense of proper behavior to me since I was young. So when Stacy said that, I was feeling kind of shocked and didn't believe that she was saying all that for real! To be honest, we all couldn't believe that! But since it was a nice day and we all got a bit on and had a perfect mood, we didn't hesitate for too long and soon our bikinis were on the yacht's deck and we were dancing naked! In addition there were no guys with us.
It was a female company. It was the first time I was acting as a real nudist! But guess what? I didn't care about anything at all! Besides that nobody was around and we could do absolutely anything we want! However I didn't notice that Elisa has taken a camera and started taking pictures and young nudist videos of us. But since we were the best friends, we didn't have anything to hide from each other, so we all joined in front of the camera and started making these young nudist videos really hot and exciting. We were shouting, laughing, smiling and posing naked on the yacht's deck and after that we dived into the sea and continued those young nudist videos. I have never had so much fun! Really! Those days were the best days in my life and I didn't want them to end!
We all were swashing in the sea and the fact that I totally was naked has only added a portion courage and amazing feeling of freedom to me! Just imagine – summer, bright hot sun, cool water, loud music! Isn't it nice? Sure it is! And we had it all! That was totally incredible. I could never believe that I would become a nudist, but to be honest it is so much fun! Really! You should try it! Even though you might feel kind of awkward in the beginning, but after some time all this will pass away and you will start getting a lot of pleasure from it! So we were swimming and dancing over there during the whole day till the late night and I have never had anything like this before. After that first time nudist experience we have decided to repeat that again.
However our next trip was much further! We have managed to find a nudist beach and visited it! It was mesmerizing! I managed to have a great time and managed to find a lot of new friends, who were nude just like me! We were spending a great time outdoors over there and were taking pictures and young nudist videos all the day long. And I realized that with the help of nudism I've managed my life to a better side! It was my first experience and I'm more than sure that if I wasn't a little bit drunk I would never agree to do such a crazy thing! That's why till now I'm grateful to my girlfriends, who have helped me to change my life once and for all! We still keep the lifestyle of nudists and travel around the world, while visiting nudists' beaches in various exotic countries. Our group of nudists has become bigger and we all are good friends. By now I have managed to get a pretty big collection of different young nudist videos and pictures and they all remind me about my first time nudist experience!