First Time Nudist Stories

 With all of the playing around they were hard to miss, and when they produced a ball they brought with them and engaged into a game of nude beach volley-ball it was a major distraction for about everyone on that beach.

Funny nude beach experience

My story of nudism on a beach is about the summer when I took my cheerios squad on summer booty camp to Croatia. The islands around Dubrovnik area are reputed for being heaven on earth for everyone who loves nude beaches pastimes, and now I can sign my name under that statement!
Anyways, I think it is worthwhile mentioning that by the summer of 2010 I had had quite a few nudism experiences to call myself a confirmed nudist. Mostly those were the escapades to the deserted beaches by the riverside several miles down the river that runs past the outskirts of my own city, but still. What I enjoy about being nude outdoors is perhaps this idea of being uninhibited and free from conventionalism of the human race. And the point of bringing my girls to this sort of place was to show them that the physical side of their beauty is but a part of who they are.
This conceptual journey, however, very nearly turned out to be a major disaster. The girls who were still in their teens saw this as a fun experience and maybe as an attempt to turn even more heads than they normally do when they are dressed in swimsuits.
It all started with the girls walking out into the beach that was pretty hushed in the early forenoon hours and working up so much noise that I did not quite know where to put myself with the embarrassment. The newly baked nudist teens were making their best to be seen and never hesitated to jump out of their clothes so unanimously that I suspected some sort of conspiracy. But to tell the truth, I think that our company would have attracted loads of male attention either way. The girls had trained young bodies that looked so touchable and seductive that I almost wish I could be ten years younger and chatter together with the rest of the chipperish squad.
I could see the gaze of men, avid and evasive, directed to where the group of my girls were lodged. Some of them looked still too young, but few girls already started developing very mouthwatering curves and had rather bouncy tits. With all of the playing around they were hard to miss, and when they produced a ball they brought with them and engaged into a game of nude beach volley-ball it was a major distraction for about everyone on that beach. Nude teens jumping around by the water – what else could the male population of the nudist beach whish for? And even though it is considered rude to look directly at each other in a place like that, but I still saw everybody’s gaze literally glued to the bunch of frisky girls hippety-hopping around the beach.
It hadn’t been long before a few younger looking guys started approaching out group under pretexts of wanting to join in the game. They were warmly accepted, and it was fun watching them trying hard to stay cool-blooded as they were brushing against the nude bodies of my cheerios as if by the luck of the draught. Pretty soon they were exchanging numbers and arranging after-hours outing for that night.
And I was thinking to myself that making friends and choosing a potential night stand (though it was absolutely prohibited in my custody, I was very much certain that my protegees will find a way to override this taboo) was extremely simplified in that way, for both sides. Just think of all those disillusionments you had in your life with your newly picked partner being much less of an eye candy when disrobing than dressed up flatteringly on a date.
The next day when we came to that beach three out of eight my cheerios were smooching with the guys they met yesterday; five others had at least a couple of suitors clinging to them. I was happy to see them being so popular, but I saw my mission not only unaccomplished, but completely failed! Some of the men, and even of the younger guys there were making advances on me, too, but I insisted on our journey to be a completely spiritual experience. Though this didn’t really happen, I still stuck to the original plan, even if I were to be the only one who would follow my advice.
The overall mood in the group of my cheerios was that of a flamboyant joy. Well, to me, feeling this way about anything is enough of spiritual experience in itself, so I was not disappointed. Most of the girls volunteered to revisit a place like that, maybe not exactly in Europe, but with the first occasion, definitely. This was the most important achievement for me back then, letting the younger generation see the bright side of nudism and its concept.