First Time Nudist Stories

I work for a small publishing company that mostly deals with all sorts of periodicals; can you imagine that I actually ended up on a nude beach (nudist lifestyle)as a result of a corporative picnic?!

Funny nude beach experience

I work for a small publishing company that mostly deals with all sorts of periodicals; can you imagine that I actually ended up on a nude beach (nudist lifestyle)as a result of a corporative picnic?! Well, nevertheless that’s how it was. But let me not nip on ahead. I have been working for almost three years in my office when it all happened. I hope you will understand my not mentioning the place where I live and work, but here’s a clue: it’s on the East coast. It is tough to stay indoors and knuckle it down, especially in the summertime. But we have a great tradition of getting out for a little picnic every last Friday of the month, and the preparations begin already on Monday.
That Friday in mid July I was wearing my bestest open dress with thin around-the-shoulder-bolder-holder straps, and I meant to outshine the enemy – a new coworker who put on too much airs. I simply couldn’t stomach her, so I went out of my way to look the hottest piece on the squad.
It was a habitual thing for us to get on a bus and drive as far as we could from the city, stopping at a spot that would get the majority of votes. Not necessarily a beach, though seaside would be very much welcome most of the time. That Friday we drove off even farther than we normally would. Setting up an improvised camp took us but a few minutes as we were a bunch of prompt holiday-makers. After a couple of beers everyone was ready for a dip in the ocean. I readily jumped out of my hot dress to reveal an even hotter swimsuit. But before I had a chance to have a plunge, I saw the colleagues that had stepped into the water returning and jogging back with rather stupid faces. And of course, it turned out that we had camped right by that nudist beach that was just around a piece of rock, and sure as eggs there were nude people enjoying their outing and never minding us, dressed folks.
The guys all swept to their feet and trying hard to walk casually in the direction of that other beach, darted to the rock to check out some hot bodies, if any. But they returned disappointed – not too many hotties to gawk at. Then that annoying newbie, Louise, got to promoting herself in the most pathetic way, really, saying that she’d been to nude beaches of all sorts in her life, and bragging something about her sunkissed skin, EVERYWHERE (and make no mistake, that “everywhere” was whispered out like she was climaxing, duh).
So I dared her to join the crowd. And what you think? The others cheered and said that she positively should, and some of the guys even volunteered to accompany her and be her “bodyguards” for her, to which she got all affected and gave herself so much airs that it buggered the hell out of me and I blurted out that I’d go. Everyone was silenced for a second or two, and then I got twice as much cheer as Louise. Without boasting I can say for myself that I’m on the slender side but sporting a taut bum and 34D cups, I can still turn heads, even when I am all buttoned up.
So I boldly got up and walked over to the rock, my legs giving way underneath me with the adrenaline of it. But at such moments the scariest thing is that I always know that there’s no stopping me. Some of the guys followed, just to make sure that I don’t get myself in trouble. And sure enough, the moment I took off my bikini top, the rest of our crowd joined in. I didn’t dare to take off my pants at first – but after some more beers and when other girls started undressing, following my example, I said good-bye to my textile altogether.
Well, to say that staying naked in front of males from my office that see me wearing blouses and stockings and straight knee-long skirts felt weird is to say nothing. It was an all-in call, but I didn’t have to call my bluff, thanks heaven, as the party spirit was ruling the day, I guess, and everybody else supported me in my totally wacko escapade. It was the talk of the office for weeks, but in a nice way. And I’ll tell you this, no team-building techniques at corporative trainings ever managed to bring us closer than that wild nude beach outing!