First Time Nudist Stories

A hot day, the proximity of two nude and handsome males, feeling adventurous but still justified by the rules of naturist beach

Funny nude beach experience

If you had asked me some two years ago, what was my opinion on naturist beaches, I'd just shrug it off. Somehow, the mass media had my mind shaped so that I firmly believed them to be a part of some parallel reality. The topsy-turvy image of this reality had a zesty feeling of something forbidden and therefore enigmatic and coveted. Still, I never sought any collision with this sort of reality like I never thought the collision with, say, Johnny Depp - no matter how awesome, it was still but a part of the Neverland.
You can figure out my amazement when at the age of 19 I discovered that we actually did have some naturist beaches in the UK, one of them being some three hours away from where I then lived. I now speak of the Botany Bay of Kent. A coed came back from her weekend one May with more than an even suntan - the smirk in her eyes was a selling factor to me. Intrigued, jealous and strangely annoyed at her pioneering the place, I made up my mind to visit. I joined her company and very soon came to enjoy the feel of the sun, water and breeze being all over my body. It was then that I had this idea of hooking up with a guy I liked, offering him to take me to a nude beach instead of a jazz bar. I now don't know what I was thinking - perhaps that seeing how bold and straight-forward I was he'd fall for me real hard. Let me anticipate and say that it never worked between us and maybe it never happened for that nude beach escapade, but it was still fun and surely got me started with my naturist advances.
This also taught me a lesson about a cornerstone norm of true naturism - never use your nudity instrumentally, for it is a "thing-in-itself". Both shocked and flattered at my invitation, Greg (that was the guy's name) jumped at it. To make it feel less awkward though I invited his roommate and bestest buddy, Rob, to come along, saying that I will, too, bring a friend. Which of course was none of my intentions, for the initial point was showing off my body of which I am righteously proud to this day. I wanted to competition, though I was far from fearing it. Needless to say that when it came to actually going there I came up with some cock-and-bull story about the friend being down with spiking fever.
So there I was, in a company of two guys one of whom was a hero of my wettest fantasies, so about to take his breath away with my physical perfection. The very idea intoxicated me. We chatted and giggled nervously, trying to lift the awkwardness of the moment when I knew that very soon I will showcase what now graced the cushions of the back seat of his car. Gosh, that made me sweat all over and gave that itchy feeling to my fingertips! When on the spot I decided to serve it cold-turkey style. To my sheer contentment, there was next to no competition on the beach that was populated mostly with families or couples in their forties. The two of my companions avoided looking me in the eyes, I guess they did not believe I was in earnest until the moment when my shorts fell to the ground and revealed the total absence of the swimsuit! Greg did not hurry with taking off his trunks, though - and Rob who had by then somewhat ostentatiously removed his, hurried to turn onto his stomach. That was a win! I chuckled under my breath triumphantly.
But as the first rush of adrenaline worn out, I did not know what pose to assume. I did feel out of place, seeing how Greg and Rob avoided looking at my breasts and my pubis; I, on the other hand, was surprised to see that short and well-toned Greg was not nearly as well equipped as his friend who was on the slender side. Still, the feeling of being evasively looked at and, I could see it, coveted, was fun. Later I would visit lots of nude beaches both in Europe and the US, but it was never again about teasing and toying with the idea of being competed for, if not even shared, by two men!
A hot day, the proximity of two nude and handsome males, feeling adventurous but still justified by the rules of naturist beach - I whiled away those few hours balancing on the edge of shameless eroticism and chaste openness. After a short while our conversation acquired a more or less natural tone and the burning sensation in my lower stomach gave way to the comfort of the afternoon sun all over, almost inside of me. And never again I managed to experience this fuzzy feeling on a nude beach, and I am not sure I would want to, now that it has became so void of anything carnal and shifted to entirely spiritual level. But it is definitely a reminiscence I hold dear in my memory - it never fails me as an emergency turn-on