First Time Nudist Stories

 We, young nudist girls, need a lot of fun on a beach, and that’s about it

Funny nude beach experience

Courses for divers and marathons, as well as gadgets and accessories for naturist - that's what I see as my perfect nudist getaway for young nudist girls! I am a very sportive girl myself, always looking for staying active whatever I do; alongside with that, I love nudism and naturism, as it brings me closer to nature and frees me from the necessity of suffering wet clothes on my skin when I need to concentrate on feeling the sun all over my nude skin…
In essence, my idea of a great naturism vacationing for young nudist girls is when you are not just lying on a beach to sunbathe, or sitting in camp and reading a book. Barefoot running, skiing, playing basketball, maybe launching the parachutes for nudists (like I know they did in Italy) - that's what sorts of nudism vacationing I'd like to pursue. In Australia, every year they organize surfing championships for naturists. Devoted naturists may still remember the winner of the 1998, Todd Haywood, struck the judges for its ability to ride the waves seated cross-legged like a Buddha on the surfing board.
In the United States here and there around the country nudist marathons are regularly held in the countryside, along the Lake Michigan beach, just about anywhere, provided a team of naturists have private facilities at their facilities. Why do it? Because staying naked while engaging in sorts, explain the curators of such facilities, gives a great sense of freedom and is simply hilarious. Same thing happens among lovers of volleyball: nudist tournaments, happenings, meetings, between Pennsylvania and Canada. Now, I wish we had something of sorts for young nudist girls in this country! Americans cheer the afternoons away with their naturists pastimes, and I am all for following the examples set by them. Once I was lucky to go off on a vacation of my dream that included all of the things that I ever wanted in a naturist active holidaying. For those who just did not want to engage in water sports like swimming there was this wonderful option of joining nude diving courses. The equipment was standard diving shebang: tanks, fins, masks. But the swimsuit was a taboo subject, it was to be left at home.
Socializing was also fun; but one of these days we got to get too far with our diving instructor, and we talked him into stopping by at a local beach. The effect of a bunch of people, mostly women, appearing on a textile beach, was that of a bomb explosion! It was so much fun looking at the faces of people there, most of them, of course, trying to act like nothing special was happening.
I was not at all taken aback by the reaction of the people on the beach. I felt totally at ease - if they felt too shy to look my way, that was certainly no problem of mine; you see, I ain't a work of art, and I wasn't put on this earth to be easy on someone's eye. We, young nudist girls, need a lot of fun on a beach, and that's about it. If you have life in you, it oozes through your every pore. So I didn't at all mind the sideways glances of the people around me, but spread my towel on the gravel and started enjoying the sunny weather. But it was not long before I started getting bored stiff, so I got up and walked for a while along the sea line. I didn't mean to be provocative, but hell, it felt good knowing that all the males around me were getting hard and hurried to turn on their stomachs when I walked by, and their female companions were becoming visibly annoyed when I would approach!
When I returned to my towel (and my own company), I was all frisky and yearning for some action. And did I mention that I was the talk of the town for being lissome and stretchy thanks to my love for sports and dancing? Anyways, I so wanted people around me to see that I was so much more than a hot nude body walking out there. It was sort of a statement for me, so I posed for the camera doing all sorts of stretching exercises.
But of course the cherry on that cake was a back flip that I performed casually with all those beachers looking at me! I literally could sense their stare on my trimmed crotch! That was an amazing feeling, I was like a performer on a stage. I even got a round of applause!
I suppose, our example was inspiring, for some people that were next to us started losing their clothes, piece by piece. First a girl that was closest to my towel took off the top of her swimsuit, smiling at me. Then the guy that accompanied her took off his trunks - but lay on his stomach. And by the time when we were living like 10% of the beach folks in the direct proximity to our small improvised camp were sunbathing nude or topless. The couple that was closest to us later joined for a card play to a couple of beers together.
So that's my message - don't be afraid to get down whenever you feel like it, and you are certain to find someone who's gonna like you for what you are and not just pretend to be. That so sets you free!