First Time Nudist Stories

 The nudist videos that me and my lovely friend watched included dirty and naked dances on the beach with gentle touching and real feelings of every movement the nudists do.

Funny nude beach experience

The simple hot summer day was out while I and my hot friend were in our apartment dreaming of nudist beach. The idea to visit the beach came out after watching nudist videos the previous night. Disco party on the same night led to a motivation of trying something new like nudism. Five couples were present in exciting night of sharing, experiencing and tasting new romantic games and pleasant affairs. One of the games included watching nudist videos from the beach with hot naked chicks having huge boobs and pretty genitals, while young men were showing the world their gigantic and attractive “attributes” without any shame and restrictions. After that night we decided to go to the nudist beach and see the real beauty of nudity without compromising on any shy and fear. We have found out the craziest and open minded nudist beach by browsing internet.
The nudist videos that me and my lovely friend watched included dirty and naked dances on the beach with gentle touching and real feelings of every movement the nudists do. Other videos even included hot and attractive games that young nudists perform on the beach right in front of whole nudist society on the seaside. People didn’t care of crazy games held during the day right in front of their noses. Two hot chicks, one of which is me, were dreaming of trying those things in reality. We found the beach of our dream and the one where our pink desires and plans would come true. Two tickets, one day and the great pleasure to try astonishing shameful games from the nudist videos we watched online - this is what we actually wanted to make our dreams come true. And the first step was perfectly done! What is more, this would be the first nudist experiences in our lives.
Finally we appeared on nudist beach full of beautiful bodies, hot boys and sexy girls ready to sacrifice everything for the piece of happiness, satisfaction and joy from admitting that they have no restrictions from the society’s point of view. First we checked-in in the prestigious, luxury five star hotel located directly in front of the nudist beach. Second, we acted exactly the same way as nudist video showed preparation of going to the ”beach of pleasure” – we drunk some whiskey to break the ice and feel ourselves more open and comfortable, because it was our first nudity experience in our entire young life, thus we wished to have it in all of its pleasant aspects. Next thing we did is getting naked right in the hotel room in front of each other and we started starring to each other, trying to find attractive body parts of ourselves.
Alcohol did its awesome job, the sacred thing it is dedicated to do; we could not stand ourselves and started sinking into world of satisfaction by turning on calm music and dancing right in front of each other. After me and my friend were already full of joyful eyes, to brake the initial ice with the hot agony in our souls and astonishing explosion of hot desire to get into adventure in our minds, we directed to the beach, to the place of our dreams and wishes.
We were wearing towels on our hips initially, but the nude appearance of others in a surrounding area made its task, we put off the towels and remained on nothing, right the way we were born. Now we were real part of nudity on the beach, of what we were dreaming of for several days after watching nudity videos that came true. Now we are happy, we don’t feel any shy; we don’t cover our bodies that should be closed all the time in a regular public places. Our bodies are sexy enough to make any person get out of his or her mind, but at the same time our humps are considered as sinful and unethical in a normal society, where we are not allowed to show or even talk about them. Now we are out of those thinking, mindset and opinion. We are what we are and we do whatever we want and realize whatever fantasy we might want to have.
Previously we had a deal that each of us has to attract a hot guy and get acquainted with him right on the same night of our arrival. We started eye-flirting with every hot guy who has nice body and looks sexy. Initially we seemed to feel ashamed because so many hot chicks were in the same place of nudity as we are, so we felt like no one is going to talk to us, flirt or simply share their presence and fun with us. Alcohol, oh alcohol… After few strong cocktails we lost the feelings of shame, that time we felt ourselves as the queens of the beach with the most beautiful, attractive and clean bodies that contain the most attractive desires and fantasies. Our sweet time came; two hot guys with Latino looking appearances approached us. They even reminded us of the hot men from the same nudist video that made us sexy ladies who made similar extraordinary trip into the world of nudity.
These guys treated us with one bunch of new cocktails. We talked about everything: life, beach, hobbies, love… It seemed to us that we know each other for years. Finally guys offered us to visit the night club together with them for having some drinks and some more fun. We were happy inside, but tried not to to show that the guys almost made their dreams come true, in order to keep some intrigue in our new upcoming adventure. The offer of the men, made our eyes flush and shine with happiness. Even though we simply replied “Okay”, the voice inside us gave the echo to each other’s eyes: “Oh yeeees babeee”.
Finally we tried naked dances right in the middle of whole open minded public full of energy and strive to get pleasure. First nude experience turned us into fans of the nudism and our crazy adventure was turned into hobby of life. Those hot guys with Latino looking appearance turned out to be nice guys and we still have a good relationship with them, sometimes even have group trips to the nudist places.