First Time Nudist Stories

And all of a sudden the idea of nude beach teen experience has appeared from nowhere. It was a kind of extreme leisure for us.

Funny nude beach experience

According to the name, you can already guess that my story will be about nude beach teen experience that I’ve recently got. It was the end of the year and we were pretty loaded at my job – lots of various projects, accounts, reports and so on. So since we had a limited time, then surely all this was causing a lot of stress to me. And all of a sudden by girlfriend Stacy suggested to go and visit some exotic islands after we finish all this mess. Of course I agreed at once! And when all the reports have been done and submitted, we headlong rushed to the airport where an airplane to Bali was already waiting for us!
The entire luggage has been already packed since a long time ago and we both couldn’t wait to see those amazing places! Those flight hours have easily glided and very soon we were ready to plunge in that unimaginably beautiful and exotic world!
Of course all those places were totally unfamiliar to us, but they were so beautiful and exciting that we wanted to visit them all. No wonder that the first thing we did after landing we switched on our phones and started browsing internet while looking for places of interest. We’ve looked through hundreds of pages, but nothing seemed to attract our interest.
Then our glance fell down on one resort by the ocean beach. But we couldn’t even imagine that it is located near the nudist beach. That’s why we were frankly speaking astonished when we saw a lot of naked people having fun on the beach. However as the time was passing we were getting used to that nudity. And all of a sudden the idea of nude beach teen experience has appeared from nowhere. It was a kind of extreme leisure for us. Besides that we were in an absolutely unfamiliar place where no one could recognize us and hereby we could do absolutely anything we want! The spirit of freedom has enveloped us from head till toes! At first I was kind of shy and didn’t want to take off my clothes. But then Stacy took the initiative and started taking her clothes off. She got naked and started walking among the crowd of nude people. By looking at her I said to myself “Screw it! Let’s do it!” and took my clothes as well.
To my surprise I’ve discovered that there is nothing to be scared of! Besides that it was so interesting walking around those nude people and seeing their body amenities and most of all I liked checking out dicks of different guys. It was so exciting! The spirit of sex was in the air and I could clearly feel it!
Then we continued walking around the nudist beach and enriching our nude beach teen experience with new impressions. It was very pleasant to feel glances of dozens of men at myself. They were checking out our body curves and we were looking at their cocks and other body amenities. Could you ever imagine seeing a totally nude guy walking down the shore, while showing off his muscular body and his penis? Well, with the help this beach our nude beach teen fantasies have finally found embodiment! After some time we were feeling ourselves like home! We decided to swim a little bit in the cool ocean. It was so pleasant to swim through those waves totally naked. Water was fondling my body and I’ve never felt like this before! We simply couldn’t stop getting all that hot pleasure! We were ready to swim and have fun in those soft ocean waves all day and all night long! Besides that my head started getting enriched with new ideas and frankly speaking those ideas were far from innocent! After swimming of course we laid down on the hot sand and started getting sunbaths. I could never imagine to get my whole body covered with suntan!
It was so pleasant to feel sun beams touching all my body. But of course most of our attention was fixed on those brawny muscles and penises of various mighty studs. Some of them had boners and we could see the full size of those rods. Moreover everything was totally legal and awareness of this fact was only increasing the amount of pleasure and excitement. Of course we couldn’t leave this wonderful place without taking multiples of pictures. So we started posing nude in front of the camera lens. We were taking pictures alone, with each other and together with other people and mighty studs. Undoubtedly we have enriched our collection with lots of interesting pictures as well as stunning videos. Now by looking at them I sometimes cannot believe that this entire lecherous and at the same time interesting journey has happened with me! I see those amazing picture and videos and realize that those days were the best in my entire life and that nude beach teen experience is simply irreplaceable!
They remind me about freedom that was kind of mixed with lechery, but still everything was remaining legal! Could you ever imagine having fun and dancing among naked people on the beach in the night? Well, we did that! Besides that we made a lot of friends over there and of course we still keep in touch. How? Well, this is kind of another story and maybe I will tell it some other time.