First Time Nudist Stories

 According to the rules of the bet, three couples including ours start hot kissing right on the nudist beach in front of other hot young nudists.

Funny nude beach experience

Group of hot young nudists including me are having great time in one of the most popular nudist beaches of the country. There were three married couples amongst us, including me and my husband. We had one common thing which kept our mutual relations close and friendly for a long time: love for nudism, either in beach, home or some other private places. We can even call it nudism hobby as it became our way of life throughout the years of our communication with each other. We traveled all over the world seeing crazy people similar to us on a hot nudist beaches. Many stories, adventures and crazy staffs we had met in all of those places.
While having fun and enjoying the nudity lately, we tried to invent some games and competitions among each other. Here is the funny story from one of them. One of the couples suggested having the longest kiss literally right in front of the whole nudist beach people. Even though that was a crazy idea, declining those ideas, offers and bets was an incredible big offence for people among us, which became a mutual tradition already between the couples. I and my husband were in love with crazy games and ideas that our group had sometimes. According to the rules of the bet, three couples including ours start hot kissing right on the nudist beach in front of other hot young nudists.
The couple is considered as the winner, which remains kissing as long as other two couples give up either from tiring, shame or any other factor. According to the rules of the funny and at the same time naughty competition, the winner hot young nudist couple gets $300 from each of the loser couples. Quite attractive offer, isn’t it? What’s more, there was a punishment for the couple who stops kissing in less than two minutes after the overall competition starts. That would stop the couple from either getting into shame or feeling been not adequately understood or interpreted by other hot young nudist’s audience of the beach, without finishing the program prior the “final destination” of interesting game. The team who breaks rules of the competition would be eligible to pay $500 instead of $300 to the winner team.
The decision to start the crazy competition was chosen to be done on the next evening, right on the day of local celebration of some national holiday. That indicates that the beach would be full of the hot young nudists looking for fun, pleasure and satisfaction. But it is hard to say if any of them manage to act the same way as my crazy husband, me and other two couples are going to ruin the minds tonight by organizing romantic and lovely competition with the pieces of slightly naughty acts. We all were a bit nervous while were facing the nudist beach and imagining that our hot crazy kiss would be seen by all the other hot young nudists. The combination of lovely sincere kissing with emotions and passionate flash in eyes is the essential key for the success in this naughty completion.
This is the time! We are lying on our backs; no one on the beach can even imagine hot staff which is going to happen in few minutes in the distance of few meters from the seaside. One…Two…Three… Three strong guys – our lovely husbands are waiting with their lips in the ready position to kiss their wonderful wives. My husband started with gentle French kissing and he was amazingly awesome. I never saw him so energized, striving and motivated. That kiss reminded me of our young teenager years, when we were skipping our classes and spending our sweet times organizing picnic or simply going to the movies. The most and best thing we do was kissing, simply kissing with whole sincere love. As the ages go on, the fact that couples kiss with less desire and becoming less romantic makes me crazy all the time.
Kisses were still going on. Some people from the public closed their eyes, some of them started recording videos, and some hot young nudists start shouting inappropriate words towards kissing couples, where I and my husband were acting in a full meaning of open-minded kiss. But nothing could stop us that time; we were in different world, world of enjoying, getting satisfaction and world of agony to win the astonishing competition. Three minutes later one of the couples gave up, probably the negative expression of the audience influenced on them.
The greatest shock happened when the number of hot young nudists from the beach started applauding, dedicating the congratulations to the two romantic couples left in a competition. We can guess how this action was initiated: every person in the nudist beach has a secret desire and willing to try some extraordinary, crazy mind blowing things in front of other people, without thinking of any shame, ethics and opinion.
We, crazy three couples showed them that doing things the way wanted, wished and admired is not always bad and unacceptable. That time we had become an example for others to follow. Winning $600 is nothing compared to the chance of showing the people the real way of making your dreams, desires, dirty behaviors come true. Oh yes, I almost forgot to conclude the main part. I and my husband were announced a champion of the competition. The second couple gave up at the sixth minute; probably the man was too thirsty as the sun was burning our bodies that day. What’s more, we didn’t stop even after admitting that we were winners.
Our couple decided to continue kissing. Our winner and personal record was set as nine minutes exactly. The same night we had a celebration dinner with my lovely husband in the prestigious restaurant where almost all the monetary prize won by us was spent.